How Compounding Medication Improves Compliance

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As a pharmacy in Columbia, MD, we know how medication compliance can be a struggle for some patients. Moreover, this struggle can lead to more harm if they can’t take their medications correctly.

Medication compliance means complying with one’s medication prescription or instruction. Some people cannot follow these instructions for whatever reason. When they don’t, they are at risk of acquiring further health complications.

But, what is compounding? Compounding is the process of customizing one’s medication to a patient’s specific medical needs. Licensed pharmacists such as our team in Caplet Pharmacy can perform compounding services in MD. Compounding medications can help a person to take their medicines correctly in the following ways:

  • Removing Allergic Ingredient

    For some patients, they may have allergic reactions to certain medications. This can be a reason for them not to take their medication at all. In this case, medication non-adherence happens and their health is at stake. It can be even worse if there is no other alternative for their medicines. Compounding service providers remove this allergic ingredient. This way, patients can now take their medicine safely.

  • Adding Special Flavors

    One major challenge in treating children is that they don’t like medicines. The usual complaint is that medicines have a bitter taste. When this happens, children may not fully recover from an illness. With compounding, pharmacists mix special flavoring with medicines so that your child can take these easily.

  • Making Available of Discontinued Medicines

    Some medicines are no longer manufactured. Yet, some patients will prefer taking these medicines because they have already felt safe with such treatments. In cases like this, compounding service providers can formulate the same medicine for the patient.

  • Simplifying Intake Schedule

    Another reason that patients cannot comply with their medications is polypharmacy. This happens when a patient is taking many medicines in a day. With compounding, these medications can be created in just one pill. This way, the patient will not worry about forgetting one medication schedule for the day. However, this will need their doctor’s approval. Some medicines can have adverse reactions with another drug.

These are some of the ways that compounding services can improve your patient’s medication compliance. Along with that, some pharmacists also provide home delivery in MD. This means that patients who cannot get their medications in person can have these delivered to their address for free.

Whether your medications are compounded or not, getting them delivered to you ensures that you take them on time. Because of that, you can no longer miss your medication schedule. Are you interested in learning more about compounding or medication adherence? Let our pharmacists answer your questions.

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