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Different people have different specific needs. This applies also to medicines. These particular needs each of us has is the reason why compounding is important. Compounding is a practice where ingredients of a drug are being altered, mixed, or combined by a licensed physician and pharmacist. In some cases, this process is also done by a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Although compounding serves an important purpose for some patients, it still poses risk to patients if not done properly.

Why should you choose a good pharmacy that offers a compounding service:

  • To protect you from unsafe and poor quality compounded drugs.
  • To ensure that compounded drugs will surely match your specific needs.

Here at Caplet Pharmacy, excellence in bringing you the quality pharmacy services is the center of our mission. We are a Pharmacy in Columbia, MD that is dedicated to providing to you exactly what you need.

As a provider of compounding service in MD, we are committed to providing you compound medications with a shorter wait time. Alongside the prescription, we will provide you with instructions that will help you to take your medicine the right way.

As part of our aim to serve you in a better and more convenient way, we also offer home delivery in MD. This will definitely save you time and effort, especially amidst the busy and erratic schedules.

For more inquiries, kindly feel free to reach us at 443-774-0777 or fillrx@howardrx.com.

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